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Open Platform Docker simplifies Software Development Cycle

At VMworld we spoke with Docker, an open software platform designed to simplify the building, shipping and running of distributed applications. Similar to the way VMware virtualizes the hardware, Docker essentially virtualizes the operating system. This results in greater standardization

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Good Migrations – Moving Data from SAN to SAN

Either as part of a normal storage refresh cycle or when consolidating storage assets after a merger, almost every data center will eventually need to migrate data from one storage system to another. The problem is that data migrations are

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Should Your VMware Backup Use Agents?

Initially most VMware projects start off by leveraging the backup applications that were in place prior to the virtualization effort. Then, IT Planners realize that they need something more and they turn to VM-specific backup applications. But then they are

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Is All Thin Provisioning The Same?

Thin provisioning is a storage allocation process that improves the write efficiency of a storage system by enabling it to consume less capacity for storing a given amount of data. It is becoming an increasingly popular, almost commonplace, feature available

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VMware Aware SSD Caching

While there are a number of software caching solutions each has potentially significant weaknesses. They are either owned by a hardware vendor, which can limit choice or they don’t fully support the hypervisor or guest OS that the customer is

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Feature Rich NAS for the SMB

One of the first, if not the first server that a growing business will get is a network attached storage server. As we discussed in our recent article “SMB NAS Requirements”, these systems should be able to provide several important

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