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Avamar’s Virtualization Journey Continues

As we headed down the back stretch of our full day of EMC briefings, we sat down with the Avamar folks to discuss the latest developments on that front. As our readers know, EMC’s Data Protection and Availability division has

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Scale Data Protection With Your Virtual Environment

Thanks to an easy-to-measure return on investment (ROI) most data centers’ virtual server environments are growing rapidly. Many organizations have implemented a “virtualize first” policy, where all new servers are virtualized. In addition, legacy servers are being migrated to virtual

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Should Your VMware Backup Use Agents?

Initially most VMware projects start off by leveraging the backup applications that were in place prior to the virtualization effort. Then, IT Planners realize that they need something more and they turn to VM-specific backup applications. But then they are

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Server Side VMware Caching Gets Smarter

Increasing virtual machine (VM) density is critical for organizations looking to continue to reap the ROI benefits of virtualization; the more VMs per server the more cost effective the virtualization project becomes. There is one primary roadblock to increased VM

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