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What is the Distributed Cloud?

Simply put, the distributed cloud is the intersection point of edge computing and cloud consumption. It is no secret that IT-as-a-service delivered through the cloud is continuing to proliferate, on the back of business requirements for greater IT agility and

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Why Controllerless Software-defined Networking for the Distributed Cloud?

Enterprises will continue to shift away from centralized data centers, in lieu of smaller edge locations that provide the latency, bandwidth, autonomy and privacy required by future forward workloads such as virtual reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) driven

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Webinar: Are You Ready For Software Defined WAN Acceleration?

WAN Acceleration technologies have typically been deployed as appliances, however, the realities of virtualized infrastructure is demanding a more flexible approach to align with the needs of the software defined data center. WAN acceleration and optimization is more critical than

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Accelerating Application Performance in the Virtualized Environment

Hyper-V, like any other virtualized server environment, puts specific strains on (some say it breaks) the traditional storage infrastructure. While a variety of designs have been created to address that issue few systems actually get at the heart of the

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Should Your VMware Backup Use Agents?

Initially most VMware projects start off by leveraging the backup applications that were in place prior to the virtualization effort. Then, IT Planners realize that they need something more and they turn to VM-specific backup applications. But then they are

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