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Avamar’s Virtualization Journey Continues

As we headed down the back stretch of our full day of EMC briefings, we sat down with the Avamar folks to discuss the latest developments on that front. As our readers know, EMC’s Data Protection and Availability division has

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EMC’s Remedy to the Accidental Backup Architecture

As we hit the mid-point of our EMC briefing day, we sat down with the folks from EMC’s Data Protection and Availability division. The first item of discussion was the Data Domain product family. As we have covered in recent

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What Are Integrated Backup Appliances?

A lot has been written about the size and scope of the purpose built backup appliance (PBBA) market. When backup appliances first came to market over a decade ago, they were designed primarily as large disk repositories, some of which

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EMC’s Backup Journey to the Future

The recent EMC Backup Recovery Systems (BRS) product launch covered a dizzying array of interesting BRS product announcements. Amongst these announcements was the unveiling of the final phase of the total hardware and software integration of their market leading Avamar

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A Decade of Data Domain

A decade has passed since Data Domain began selling its first appliance and started evangelizing the virtues of data deduplication as an enabling technology to reduce the torrents of backup data in data center environments. The term “deduplication” was not

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Solving the RMAN Backup Challenge

Database applications are typically the lifeblood of organizations, supporting revenue generating activities and/or mission critical business data analysis. Database administrators are the stewards of this infrastructure and often have an almost personal interest in the welfare of these precious information

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