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Moving from Cloud Archive to Cloud Preservation – CloudLanes Briefing Note

The cloud is an ideal storage area for the 90 percent of an organization’s data that is not active. Moving this data to the cloud frees up on-premises storage requirements as well as data center floor space. The problem is

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A Decade of Data Domain

A decade has passed since Data Domain began selling its first appliance and started evangelizing the virtues of data deduplication as an enabling technology to reduce the torrents of backup data in data center environments. The term “deduplication” was not

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STORServer Upgrades and Extends Backup Appliance Line

When disk drives started to become economically feasible for backup, virtual tape libraries (VTLs) were the solution most manufacturers came up with to incorporate the benefits of disk into their existing tape-oriented environments. Since they were built around legacy backup

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Backup Virtualization

Virtualization has changed the way many data centers operate today. Server virtualization has increased server resource efficiency, flexibility and reliability. Storage virtualization has had a similar effect on storage resources and storage management. Interestingly, the backup and data protection processes

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