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NetApp Flash Portfolio Analysis

Legacy storage vendors have faced a unique challenge as they tried to address the emerging flash opportunity. Unlike startups that could essentially start with a “blank sheet of paper”, these vendors had existing customers to care for. Their first mission

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Overcoming the Four Obstacles to VDI Love – Podcast

How do you make the VDI experience better? That’s the subject of a webinar available right now On-Demand on with Rawley Burbridge from IBM and Seth Knox from Atlantis Computing. George Crump from Storage Switzerland led the webinar. The

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Break out of the NetApp jail – Podcast

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NetApp is great, but it can get pricey. David Cerf of Crossroads and Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump talk with me about how you can set your budget free by breaking out of the NetApp capacity jail. Click here to

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ChalkTalk Video – Bridging the Gap between Consumer and Enterprise SSDs

The SAS/SATA SSD market has evolved into two main groups; drives built for enterprise storage systems and those designed for consumers’ PCs and laptops. But SSDs are also being put into servers for application acceleration and faster boot up, a

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ChalkTalk Video: SSD Trends in 2014 – Flash moves from Option to Requirement

For most companies that are considering flash-based SSDs it’s no longer a question of whether they’ll implement solid state drives, but when and how. In this video George Crump, Lead Analyst From Storage Switzerland and Micron’s Sr. Manager of Enterprise

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A New Take on SMB’s and the Data Center – Podcast

I just caught up with Eric Slack from Storage Switzerland on a webinar Storage Switzerland is doing with WD on May 21. It will cover SMB’s and the need to update or even build a data center. To register for

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Should we stop worrying about Flash wear out? – Podcast

Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Eric Slack has an article entitled, “Is It Time To Stop Worrying About Flash Wear Out?” We’ll discuss that with Micron’s Doug Rollins. You can learn more about this by reading Eric’s article by clicking here.

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