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Hyperconvergence and VDI – The Perfect Match?

Atlantis Briefing Note Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) look good on the IT whiteboard. Their lower operational costs and longer desktop/laptop life expectancy are top expectations. In execution, however, the projects often stall. Calculating the necessary compute performance, storage performance and

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Hyper-convergence for Distributed Data Centers

Atlantis Computing Briefing Note Hyper-converged architectures (HCA) could be an ideal solution for enterprises looking to equip their distributed data centers. HCA has the potential to consolidate the remote IT needs to a few servers. These distributed data centers typically

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VDI will eat your Storage System – and what to do about it

As we’ve mentioned in previous columns, in order for a VDI project to have any chance of success it has to deliver at least the same computing experience users had prior to their desktop being virtualized. That makes sense, but

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Atlantis and IBM help solve VDI Catch 22

Successful VDI deployments must satisfy three groups within the enterprise: 1) users, who want the same experience they had with their desktop PCs; 2) IT managers, who want to simplify operations and reduce risk; and 3) the CFO, who wants

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Removing the fuzzy math from VDI

One of the aspects of server virtualization that makes it so popular is the simplicity of the return on investment (ROI) calculation. An IT Manager can look at the reduction in physical servers, combined with the increase in application workload,

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SlideShare – How to Overcome the Four Obstacles to VDI Love

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) promises ‘IT utopia’ by eliminating one of the biggest operational costs in the enterprise, supporting end-user desktops. But to reach this nirvana two major requirements need to be met. First, the cost per virtual desktop has

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Why users hate VDI – and why that’s a problem

VDI makes sense, at least from IT’s perspective. It can provide some cost savings in hardware and software, can improve operational efficiency and deliver better control over the company’s data. For these reasons the IT manager and the CIO love

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The three Ps to a successful VDI deployment – Persistence, Price, Performance

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) promises to reduce IT operational costs, improve endpoint data protection and increase endpoint usability. But for a VDI deployment to be successful, it must provide the user an experience that is better than the physical desktop

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Overcoming the Four Obstacles to VDI Love – Podcast

How do you make the VDI experience better? That’s the subject of a webinar available right now On-Demand on with Rawley Burbridge from IBM and Seth Knox from Atlantis Computing. George Crump from Storage Switzerland led the webinar. The

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How to get MacBook Air VDI Performance at a Chromebook price

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) presents some real challenges for companies looking to replace their inventories of desktop PCs. It has to provide a desktop experience that’s acceptable to users and an infrastructure that costs the same or less than the

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