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Hyper-convergence for Distributed Data Centers

Atlantis Computing Briefing Note Hyper-converged architectures (HCA) could be an ideal solution for enterprises looking to equip their distributed data centers. HCA has the potential to consolidate the remote IT needs to a few servers. These distributed data centers typically

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Hyper-Converged Architecture vs. Software Defined Storage

Hyper-Converged Architectures (HCA) and Software Defined Storage (SDS) are two of the most talked about trends in the data center, and both are gaining traction. For IT planners sifting through the deluge of vendor claims about these two technologies to

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Briefing Note: Idealstor Enables the Hyper-Converged SMB

Small to medium sized business (SMB) are a great target for hyper-converged architectures because SMBs don’t typically have the application requirements that would justify dedicated compute and storage hardware. The problem is that many hyper-converged architectures (HCAs) are too expensive

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The Benefits of a Cloud Integrated Hyper-converged Architecture

Hyper-converged architectures (HCA) consolidate compute, storage and networking onto a single server and then through software, aggregate these servers, creating a shared pool of resources. These resources can then be allocated to virtual machines (VMs) based on their performance and

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