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Why users hate VDI – and why that’s a problem

VDI makes sense, at least from IT’s perspective. It can provide some cost savings in hardware and software, can improve operational efficiency and deliver better control over the company’s data. For these reasons the IT manager and the CIO love

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The three Ps to a successful VDI deployment – Persistence, Price, Performance

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) promises to reduce IT operational costs, improve endpoint data protection and increase endpoint usability. But for a VDI deployment to be successful, it must provide the user an experience that is better than the physical desktop

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All-Flash Arrays vs. Performance Management

Optimizing storage performance is almost an art. One of the earliest papers I wrote for Storage Switzerland was “Visualizing SSD Readiness“, which articulated how to determine if your application could benefit from implementing  solid state disk (SSD). It also discussed

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A better Server-side Flash Solution for increased VM Density

Many of the IT professionals who came to VMworld this week are facing the same situations, they’re looking at flash to increase VM density and improve overall performance. One way is by putting that flash into the host server, particularly

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Storage Q&A: on the waste of VDI only Storage

Charlie: A lot of webinars coming up with Storage Switzerland. George Crump is with us to talk about these. George, we have everything from server-side flash, to stopping performance sprawl, 5 keys to successful hybrid cloud strategy, and avoiding the

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10 Reasons that Flash Belongs in the Server

Watch the On Demand Webinar “New Use Cases For Server Side Flash” Maintaining storage performance is something IT has to do and there are a lot of ways to do it. Some are easy, some are complicated, some are affordable,

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How To Improve Bare Metal Server Performance – Podcast

Think Flash can help improve performance in the Data Center? Think it will only work in a Flash-based server? Think again. To talk about how Flash can help your overall performance, I sat down with Rich Petersen from SanDisk and Eric

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What’s causing your virtualization problem?

– hint: your non-virtualized servers Watch Our Webinar on Demand “New Use Cases For Server Side Flash“ We all know about the challenges with server virtualization. The highly random workloads that hypervisors create can cause fits for the shared storage

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New Use Cases For Server Side Flash

Watch Our On Demand Webinar “New Use Cases For Server-Side Flash” – Cache is not just for virtualization anymore (actually it never was) Server and Desktop virtualization capture a lot of attention from storage vendors these days, especially Flash or

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MLC vs. SLC – Podcast

Does the difference between MLC vs SLC matter anymore? Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Eric Slack and I about his latest article on MLC and SLC and how manufacturers are working to make MLC more acceptable in the Enterprise. To read

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