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Briefing Note: What is 3D NAND and why should the Data Center care?

Moore’s Law has fundamentally changed the data center. Plentiful processing power has driven the success of technologies like high performance computing, highly scaled database environments and of course virtualization and cloud computing. But to take advantage of all that CPU

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Analyst Blog: Which RAID Level should you use for your SSD Tier?

In a recent webinar I discussed how a Hybrid System could be architected so that it could perform as well, or almost as well, as an All-Flash Array. If the IT planner decides to implement a Hybrid Array, there is

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All-Flash Arrays vs. Performance Management

Optimizing storage performance is almost an art. One of the earliest papers I wrote for Storage Switzerland was “Visualizing SSD Readiness“, which articulated how to determine if your application could benefit from implementing  solid state disk (SSD). It also discussed

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SlideShare – Three keys to choosing the right Server Flash

Flash Solid State Disks (SSD) installed inside a server have become the first stop for data center managers looking to solve various storage performance challenges. And their interest has not gone unnoticed. In fact, the response of the flash supplier

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