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Making All-Flash 3D TLC SSD Arrays Enterprise Ready

All-Flash Array Vendors are now releasing systems with 3D TLC SSDs. They claim that they have reached price parity, without data efficiency, to mainstream data center hard disk arrays. 3D TLC NAND does bring the price per GB of flash

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The Future of Flash Storage – Part 1 – The Future of Hybrid Storage

Flash storage is making an enormous impact on the data center. Armed with a flash storage system, IT professionals are creating virtual environments with much higher VM to host ratios and are designing databases to support many more users and

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The StorageSwiss Top 25 for 2015

In terms of visitors, 2015 was a record year for, and at the end of each year we take a look at the top 25 read articles as indicated by our analytics. Our top 25 list is taken from

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Overcoming the All-Flash Array Implementation Challenges

Eliminating “waits” allows customers, users, and applications to interact with the IT infrastructure more fluidly. As a result, IT professionals are focused on improving response times, and storage is getting much of the attention. The demand for performance is accelerating

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The Top 3 Deduplication Trends

When combined with compression and thin provisioning, deduplication makes a backup disk a cost effective strategy and now makes considering a primary storage tier consisting only of flash reasonable. In our upcoming webinar Permabit CEO, Tom Cook and I will

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Briefing Note: Dell Introduces TLC–3D NAND All-Flash Array

An ongoing concern about flash storage is its endurance. In other words, IT professionals are concerned that these systems will wear out due to heavy write activity prior to being fully amortized. All-flash arrays may be an exception. These systems

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Briefing Note: OCZ Intrepid 3700 – 2TB Enterprise SSD priced for Hyper-scale Data Centers

Last November OCZ introduced a new type of high-capacity SSD, the Saber 1000, designed to provide enterprise-like performance and reliability for hyper-scale data centers, at a price point closer to consumer SSDs. But many data centers still needed more, so

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