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Three Steps To Ending The Data Protection Nightmare

Recent surveys indicate that over 50% of organizations feel their data protection processes can’t be counted on for consistent, rapid recovery of data. Instead of trying to band-aid the problem, IT needs to develop a holistic strategy. In this “Steak

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Recovering from a Hurricane

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) should be relatively generic with a design that allows it to survive a data center outage of any type. But each type of disaster requires a unique response. At the Storage Decision’s “Modernizing Your Disaster Recovery

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Developing your 2015 Flash Strategy

As we approach the last quarter of 2014, IT professionals are reaching out to me about what their flash strategy should be in 2015. Many are looking to move beyond the adoption phase that addresses point solutions and into a

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Video – How The Data Protection Workshops Can Get You Promoted

Storage Switzerland Founder and Lead Analyst George Crump tells you how you can learn how to not only keep your IT job, but to get a promotion. It all centers around a detailed disaster recovery and data backup plan for

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