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Solving NAS Migration Pain – Komprise 2.7 Briefing Note

Every few years an organization needs to purchase a new network attached storage (NAS) system. The old system either has reached its capacity limits or no longer meets the performance expectations of new users and applications. The options for a

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Three Steps To Ending The Data Protection Nightmare

Recent surveys indicate that over 50% of organizations feel their data protection processes can’t be counted on for consistent, rapid recovery of data. Instead of trying to band-aid the problem, IT needs to develop a holistic strategy. In this “Steak

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Realizing the Promise of HSM – Komprise Briefing Note

Organizations have always struggled with the cost and complexity of maintaining sufficient storage for all their data. Instead of getting better, the problem just gets worse. Those of us who have been in IT for longer than a decade probably

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Reining in Runaway Data Sprawl

Briefing Note: Komprise Data Management Solution As anyone who has been in IT for a while knows, modern organizations are swamped by what has been called a “tsunami of data.” Various industry sources have indicated that data is more than

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