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Briefing Note: What is 3D NAND and why should the Data Center care?

Moore’s Law has fundamentally changed the data center. Plentiful processing power has driven the success of technologies like high performance computing, highly scaled database environments and of course virtualization and cloud computing. But to take advantage of all that CPU

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StorageSwiss Top Articles of 2014 – Part 2

Every year we look at the articles and other content posted on (this year over 800 pieces) to see which topics generated the most interest. As we mentioned in our blog counting down numbers 11-15, flash storage was one

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Developing your 2015 Flash Strategy

As we approach the last quarter of 2014, IT professionals are reaching out to me about what their flash strategy should be in 2015. Many are looking to move beyond the adoption phase that addresses point solutions and into a

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OCZ’s Enterprise SATA SSDs deliver consistently better performance

Flash is replacing hard disk drives (HDDs) in more and more environments, and not just as boot drives for PCs and laptops. Enterprises are turning to a new class of high performance SATA-based drive form-factor SSDs to accelerate databases, push

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Dell – Delivering Flash the way customers want

Flash consumption by the enterprise data center is typically done as a response to a specific performance problem. The flash purchase that often results are typically either an all-new flash array or it is added to an existing array. The

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Will the All-Flash Array Market go away?

Recently HDS’s Hu Yoshida wrote in his blog that he thinks the all-flash array market will go away. I very often find myself agreeing with Hu, he’s a sharp guy and I respect his point of view. As an example,

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Storage Q&A: Three keys to choosing the right Server Flash

Need flash? Think all flash is the same? You might want to read the Q&A from a recent webinar we did with Doug Rollins at Micron. People attending the webinar asked the questions and Doug provides the answers, along with

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