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Overcoming The Flash Storage Latency Challenge

3d pipeline bandwidth

The removal of latency is a critical part to delivering more fully on the flash performance promise. No matter how fast the flash technology becomes, the latency of its connection to the CPU is a key stumbling block in achieving

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Analyzing Flash Adoption

In a recent webinar focused on reducing latency of the flash interconnect, we asked a polling question “Where do you primarily use flash today?”.  As you can see from the results users are still trying to figure out how and

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What is Latency? And How is it Different from IOPS?

Reaching Full Potential Speedometer Tracking Goal

As we discuss in our on-demand webinar “Flash Roadblock: Latency!” the typical performance metrics used to categorize flash performance are throughput and IOPS. The most important metric may actually be latency. The elimination of latency has become a top concern for

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EMC’s VNX Swiss Army Knife Gets Sharper

Next up at Storage Switzerland’s EMC Briefing Day was the Midrange part of EMC’s Enterprise & Midrange Storage Division, also known as the VNX family; and of course we are going to talk about the VNX2. The EMC VNX2 is

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EMC Briefing Day – EMC Converges The Infrastructure With ScaleIO


Yesterday, Storage Switzerland was at EMC for a day full of briefings from various groups within EMC. First up on the agenda within the Emerging Technology Division was ScaleIO, a company that EMC acquired earlier this year. ScaleIO allows EMC

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New Report – Reducing Storage Latency by putting Flash on the Memory Bus

Application performance is increasingly affected by the performance of the underlying storage, and storage performance is inextricably tied to latency. For this reason reducing latency and increasing its predictability has become the ‘holy grail’ of high-performance storage designs. And while

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Innovation plus Longevity Wins in the Web-scale Market

At LSI’s Accelerating Innovation Summit (AIS) this year, someone brought up a blog I’d written after a previous AIS event where an LSI executive said they had a RAID stack that was 25 years old. What popped into my mind

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