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How to Reduce Server-side Cache Risk

Storage caching enables the use of a very fast storage area, typically flash, to intelligently store the most frequently accessed data objects and improve application performance. Server-side caching uses one of a variety of flash based SSDs internal to the

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Using All-Flash Arrays To Solve Tier-1 Database Problems

To solve tier-1 database performance problems, it is important to understand the nature of tier-1 applications. Standard definitions of tier-1 include: (i) extremely high cost, extremely high performance applications – sometimes referred to as “tier-0” (e.g., Wall Street trading platforms)

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The Challenges with SSD Caching and Tiering

It is universally accepted that for most applications, adding flash to the storage infrastructure will greatly improve storage performance and offer a productivity return on the investment. The controversy in the industry is deciding where the flash storage should be

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Advancing The State Of Solid State Caching

Most applications could benefit from a faster infrastructure. Storage performance, especially IOPS, has been routinely identified as a primary impediment to improving compute infrastructure speed. Not surprisingly, customers are turning to Flash Solid State Devices (SSDs) as a solution to

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