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Software Defined Networking For Better Scale-out Storage

Leveraging Software Defined Networking For Better Scale-out Storage

Intelligently placing data within a storage system is not necessarily a new concept, but leveraging software defined networking to make decisions about data while it’s still in transit is. When software defined networking and software defined storage are combined they can overcome some of the challenges that high performance scale-out storage systems encounter. As a result these new, software defined, scale-out systems provide highly flexible, highly reliable and highly cost effective storage systems that can support a wide variety of workloads.


– The challenges when Scale-out architectures
– How flash exposes even more challenges
– How Software Defined Networking can lead to better scale-out storage

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Core Chassis vs. Modular Switches – Briefing Note Brocade ICX 7750

Many large campuses need to update their core infrastructure in response to increased mobile and social trends, as well as continued scaling of high compute environments. The current heart of many infrastructures is a large scale up core switch. As

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Software Defined Storage Meets Software Defined Networking

Coho Data Delivers Scalable Multi-Purpose Storage Platform One of the challenges facing data centers today is the diversity of the applications they have to support. They range from the virtualized infrastructure, with its highly random I/O pattern, to the transactional

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