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Addressing VDI’s Fork in The Road

Organizations embark on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) projects to drive down end-user operational costs and to enhance infrastructure security. These projects often evaluate well. During “test mode” there are a limited number of users, making it easy to meet their

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Can Storage Silos be Eliminated?

In this era of the agile data center, the thought of consolidating to a single storage system may seem impossible. But the very technologies, flash and high capacity disk, that lead to storage sprawl can also eliminate it. In this article we discuss how the next generation of storage systems will need to combine flash and disk with software intelligence. This software will need to do more than just automatically move data between these tiers, it will need allow the administrator to set the quality of service policies that will guarantee critical applications consistent performance.

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Briefing Note: DataGravity – Intelligent Primary Storage

There is no question that data centers need to provide faster access to ever increasing volumes of data, and do so at increasingly lower price points. To accomplish this storage vendors are focused on integrating flash based storage as well

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Briefing Note: The Ultra48 AssuredSAN, Dot Hill’s new High-Density Hybrid Array

Long-time storage systems OEM, Dot Hill, recently announced the Ultra48 AssuredSAN, a high-density, 48-drive, hybrid disk array that runs their RealStor 2.0 software. The Ultra48 is designed with three drawers of 16 x 2.5” drives that can be configured in

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Video – What Type of Caching is Best?

We examine that question in this video. Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump talks to SanDisk Engineering Fellow Serge Shats about the different types of caching, the potential risks involved and how to reduce those risks. For more information see

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Overcoming The Risk of Mixing Storage Workloads

Silos of storage within the storage environment are increasing at an alarming rate with each being dedicated to a specific task or workload. Why? The answer is simple: risk mitigation. The data center can’t afford to have applications experience unpredicted

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What’s The Difference Between Tiering And Caching?

Flash storage continues to be the “go to” option for IT professionals looking to solve performance problems, but these infrastructure designers are struggling with how to best implement flash. Automated tiering and caching are becoming common answers to that question.

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Webinar – Comparing VMware Caching Techniques – Guest vs. Hypervisor

Caching has become the primary way way to integrate SSD into VMware Environments. Solutions have appeared that implement at the hypervisor layer and inside the VM at the guest OS layer but which caching technique is best? In this webinar,

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