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Using Machine Learning to Eliminate Data Center War Rooms – Virtual Instruments Briefing Note

According to Dimensional Research, over 60% of enterprises experience two or more significant application performance issues per month. In the modern data center, most users equate poor performance the same as application downtime. Performance issues, though, are usually much harder

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Can Storage Silos be Eliminated?

In this era of the agile data center, the thought of consolidating to a single storage system may seem impossible. But the very technologies, flash and high capacity disk, that lead to storage sprawl can also eliminate it. In this article we discuss how the next generation of storage systems will need to combine flash and disk with software intelligence. This software will need to do more than just automatically move data between these tiers, it will need allow the administrator to set the quality of service policies that will guarantee critical applications consistent performance.

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Overcoming The Risk of Mixing Storage Workloads

Silos of storage within the storage environment are increasing at an alarming rate with each being dedicated to a specific task or workload. Why? The answer is simple: risk mitigation. The data center can’t afford to have applications experience unpredicted

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