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Flash + Object – The Emergence of a Two Tier Enterprise

For as long as there has been data there has been a quest to consolidate that data onto a single, consolidated storage system, but that quest seems to never be satisfied. The problem is that there are essentially two types

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Briefing Note: How to Tackle Big Data and the Internet of Things

IT companies around the world are looking at analytics as the holy grail for improving a host of business processes, such as cost reduction, manufacturing efficiency, predictive maintenance, design optimization, etc. And those in large, capital-intensive industries are particularly interested,

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It’s time to “VMware” Storage

Before hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V and KVM came to market, data centers had few options when it came to managing the growth of their server infrastructure. They could buy one big server that ran multiple applications, which, while it simplified

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Briefing Note: Will Micron’s Automata Processor Solve IT’s Big Data Performance Problem?

Big Data is becoming a big problem for IT as companies rush to embrace the holy grail of analytics and find their traditional compute infrastructures aren’t up to the task. Storage performance has historically been the limiting factor, even at

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Analyst Blog: Should Enterprises replace NAS with Object Storage?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) has served the enterprise data center for well over two decades. Originally designed for storing user home directories, these systems have evolved to handle a wide variety of data sets including databases and virtual machine images.

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Michael Dell’s Keynote – A new company and new products – Dell World 2014

During Michael Dell’s keynote presentation at Dell World 2014 the CEO emphasized the company’s renewed customer focus and how they’re leveraging the 2 billion customer conversations they have every year. He didn’t go into how this number was calculated but

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Dell: “We can’t just deliver components”

Big Data, the Internet of Things and a host of other challenges are facing companies today. But according to Mike Davis, Director of Marketing for Storage Solutions, when Dell and their partners meet with these companies they can’t just sell

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Overcoming The Risk of Mixing Storage Workloads

Silos of storage within the storage environment are increasing at an alarming rate with each being dedicated to a specific task or workload. Why? The answer is simple: risk mitigation. The data center can’t afford to have applications experience unpredicted

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