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ChalkTalk Video: Web-Scale Storage Solutions for Mid-Tier Data Centers

Mid-market data centers face big challenges when dealing with secondary data like backups, archives and simply dealing with unstructured data. This data can amount to 80% or more of the total data center storage capacity footprint. Ideally these data centers

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Hyper-scale Nightmare: Using Consumer SSD in the Data Center – Podcast

One way admins of hyperscale data centers try to reduce costs is to use consumer-grade solid state drives in their scale-out server architectures, instead of the enterprise-class SSDs that are routinely used in these environments. In this podcast, Shawn Worsell of OCZ/Toshiba

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OCZ’s Affordable, Enterprise-grade SSDs for Hyper-scale Cloud Data Centers

Flash memory is delivering higher storage performance for numerous data center applications and server-side flash puts it directly where those applications live – on the host itself. Flash based storage products, which include enterprise-grade SATA SSDs, are ideal for use

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Are you Virtualizing your Applications or your Data Center?

Many data centers are now more than 50% virtualized, but most of this virtualization has been application focused leading to silos of virtualization. As a result, each environment (MS-SQL, Exchange, VDI) gets its own storage, compute and network. This process

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Michael Dell’s Keynote – A new company and new products – Dell World 2014

During Michael Dell’s keynote presentation at Dell World 2014 the CEO emphasized the company’s renewed customer focus and how they’re leveraging the 2 billion customer conversations they have every year. He didn’t go into how this number was calculated but

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The Enterprise needs Web-Scale Scalability

Data centers of all sizes are investigating Web-Scale architectures to see if they will meet their needs. In our recent webinar, “Web-scale vs. Enterprise IT“, we asked enterprise IT planners “What Appeals Most About a Web-Scale Architecture?”. The top vote

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SlideShare – Web Scale vs Traditional IT – How to have it all

The utilization efficiency, flexibility and scalability of Web-scale architectures appeal to the more traditional data center, but Enterprise IT needs the ability to run existing, Windows back-office applications and can’t sacrifice performance and reliability. Web-scale architectures are more than just

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Storage Q&A: How can the Enterprise embrace Web-scale?

Enterprise data centers are looking longingly at web-scale cloud providers. They envy the cloud providers’ ability to scale rapidly so they can meet performance and capacity demands. They also envy the cloud providers’ cost effectiveness of the designs. In this

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The second Web-scale problem – can’t run Microsoft Applications

In our last column, we discussed one of the challenges that web-scale architectures face when the enterprise tries to adopt them: “The first Web-scale problem – too many parts”. As we discussed in our on demand webinar, “Web-scale vs. Enterprise

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The first Web-scale problem – too many parts

While originally intended for online application and storage providers, web-scale architectures have plenty of capabilities that catch the attention of enterprise IT. A web-scale architecture’s ability to scale both performance and capacity in a cost effective manner is at the

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