ChalkTalk Video: Web-Scale Storage Solutions for Mid-Tier Data Centers

Mid-market data centers face big challenges when dealing with secondary data like backups, archives and simply dealing with unstructured data. This data can amount to 80% or more of the total data center storage capacity footprint. Ideally these data centers would like to leverage an infrastructure similar to web-scale data centers, the problem is they don’t have storage PHDs on staff to design them. In this ChalkTalk video George Crump, Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland and Sean Derrington, Sr. Director, Product Management at Exablox discuss how a web-scale architecture could be designed so that it meets the needs of the mid-market data center but is also easy enough to be implemented by these organization’s IT staff.

To learn more about web-scale architecture’s designed for Mid-Market Data Centers, check out Storage Switzerland’s article “Bringing Cloud Storage to the Tier 2 Data Center

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