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Briefing Note: How to Tackle Big Data and the Internet of Things

IT companies around the world are looking at analytics as the holy grail for improving a host of business processes, such as cost reduction, manufacturing efficiency, predictive maintenance, design optimization, etc. And those in large, capital-intensive industries are particularly interested,

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Seagate’s CSS offers a White box with a Logo

At the Next-Gen Storage Summit, Storage Switzerland had a chance to talk with Seagate’s Cloud Systems and Solutions (CSS) group, a new division that came out of their acquisitions of disk array manufacturer Xyratex and eVault, the cloud backup provider.

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Converged Architecture for the rest of us?

A converged architecture looks good on the whiteboard, with all your services (compute, network, storage) running on a single layer within the data center. But like many technologies, the transition from whiteboard to actual implementation and operation is much more

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ChalkTalk Video – The Hype Around Converged Storage

The hottest trend in storage now is converged storage. In this architecture the physical servers that host virtual machines also provide a shared storage resource by abstracting and aggregating their own internal storage. Like any storage architecture this approach has

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2014 Storage – Scale Up, Scale Out or Converge?

As we start 2014, storage is changing. The familiar dual controller, scale up architecture is potentially being replaced by a new set of architectures. Storage professionals now have to consider storage systems that can scale out or converge themselves with

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