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HDS addresses the Mobility Challenge – for Users and IT

The watchword in IT and in storage, according to HDS, is “mobility”, as mobile users and mobile devices continue to impact every aspect of data storage, now and in the near future. At the Next-Gen Storage Summit, we spoke with

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Amplidata redefines “Scale-out” Storage and Improves Erasure Coding

One of the meetings at the Next-Gen Storage Summit (NGSS) was by the Object Storage Alliance, a group of many of the companies in this technology space offering storage systems and related products. There was a lively discussion about what

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Seagate’s CSS offers a White box with a Logo

At the Next-Gen Storage Summit, Storage Switzerland had a chance to talk with Seagate’s Cloud Systems and Solutions (CSS) group, a new division that came out of their acquisitions of disk array manufacturer Xyratex and eVault, the cloud backup provider.

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End-Users Are Cautious About Next Gen Storage Adoption

One of the announcements made at the Next Generation Storage Summit was the formulation of a consortium of vendors called the Object Storage Alliance Group. The stated mission of this group is to “promote the business value of object addressable

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