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Can Dell be a leader in the Software Defined, Converged Data Center?

IDC recently recognized Dell as the leader in total terabytes sold (internal and external), and strengthened our stance that Dell is well positioned as we continue down the road to software defined storage and converged infrastructure. Dell is unique among

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ChalkTalk Video – The Hype Around Converged Storage

The hottest trend in storage now is converged storage. In this architecture the physical servers that host virtual machines also provide a shared storage resource by abstracting and aggregating their own internal storage. Like any storage architecture this approach has

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Server-Side, Converged Storage vs. Shared Storage

As I discussed at a recent event and covered in one of our top-read articles, “How Will Storage Controller Technology Evolve in 2014?“, this may be a year of significant change in the way we architect storage. There are three

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Choosing The Right Flash Storage Architecture For Virtual Data Centers

When effectively implemented, flash storage technologies can help remedy storage IO contention issues and deliver a performance benefit to virtualized applications. It is important, however, for IT planners to find ways of augmenting virtual machine (VM) performance without discarding their

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Maxta Briefing Note

Over the past six years, server virtualization has greatly simplified the deployment of applications in the enterprise. Applications are no longer locked into a single server and can be migrated to other servers, in real time, to satisfy dynamically changing

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