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Accelerating Reads and Writes with PernixData

Everyone acknowledges that flash storage is faster than spinning disk, and most acknowledge that the closer to the CPU this storage is, the more it accelerates I/O performance. In addition, everyone agrees that the only thing currently faster than flash

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Meet The Software Defined CEO – PernixData’s Poojan Kumar on MeetTheCEO

Poojan Kumar, the CEO of PernixData, joins us in this week’s MeetTheCEO. PernixData optimizes storage for virtualized environments by decoupling strategic storage performance and management functions from the underlying storage hardware. Poojan talks to us about his company and how he

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Briefing Note: PernixData FVP Software Pools Flash & RAM to Accelerate VMs, Complement SAN/NAS

Virtualization pushes traditional storage architectures to their performance limits, prompting companies to look at server-dedicated solutions, typically PCIe and SSD flash, to solve their performance problems. The challenge with server dedicated solutions, since they’re limited to the storage devices that

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Decision Criteria for Purchasing Storage Acceleration Software

Virtualization creates a variety of unique factors that cause storage bottlenecks. An increase in application density, coupled with high volumes of randomized read and write requests, for example, place an increased burden on shared storage resources that ultimately has an

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Choosing The Right Flash Storage Architecture For Virtual Data Centers

When effectively implemented, flash storage technologies can help remedy storage IO contention issues and deliver a performance benefit to virtualized applications. It is important, however, for IT planners to find ways of augmenting virtual machine (VM) performance without discarding their

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