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Does All-Flash Really Eliminate VMware Performance Tuning?

VMware, as it became the standard in the data center, created a huge storage problem, often called the IO blender. Fortunately, as the IO blender problem was about to reach its peak, hybrid and all-flash arrays came to market reducing

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Webinar: Making Your Way Through The Storage Virtualization Maze

Shared storage has new life thanks to virtualization. Features like virtual machine migration essentially requires a shared storage array to work. Shared storage, however, also brings a fair amount of complexity and the dreaded I/O blender. Suddenly storage arrays are

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ChalkTalk Video: Is More Flash or Spindles the only Answer to the VMware I/O Blender?

The VMware I/O blender is caused by multiple virtual machines generating random I/O at the hypervisor layer that bottlenecks storage systems. Adding more flash or spindles seems like the quick fix to this problem. The noise at the I/O blender

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Briefing Note: Stopping Virtualization’s Double Tax

Virtualized Windows applications suffer from two I/O taxes. First, there is the tax of the I/O blender caused by mixing dozens of VMs on a single server, and then connecting multiple servers to a shared storage array that creates a

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Briefing Note: Performance Testing gets closer to the Real World

When IT professionals look to solve a storage performance or capacity problem the number of options available to them can almost be overwhelming. Trying to select the right solution to their particular problem seems almost impossible. They simply don’t have

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How Storage Vendors Integrate VVols

VVols simplifies the process of setting up and managing storage to support VMs by enabling VMware administrators and users to create specific storage policies. But under the covers VMware leaves the implementation of VVols to the storage array vendor. In

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Choosing The Right Flash Storage Architecture For Virtual Data Centers

When effectively implemented, flash storage technologies can help remedy storage IO contention issues and deliver a performance benefit to virtualized applications. It is important, however, for IT planners to find ways of augmenting virtual machine (VM) performance without discarding their

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Using NPIV to Optimize Server Virtualization’s Storage

Despite the economy, server virtualization rollouts continue unabated and in fact because of the economy there is increased pressure to optimize further the virtual infrastructure by increasing virtual machine density. This increased density puts additional pressure on an already strained

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