ChalkTalk Video: Is More Flash or Spindles the only Answer to the VMware I/O Blender?

The VMware I/O blender is caused by multiple virtual machines generating random I/O at the hypervisor layer that bottlenecks storage systems. Adding more flash or spindles seems like the quick fix to this problem. The noise at the I/O blender is magnified by the inefficiency of how the Windows operating system writes data in virtual environments. As the Windows VM ages, the file system it manages segments files resulting in IOPS inflation, so what used to require one I/O to process a read or write can now take eight or more.

In this ChalkTalk video Storage Switzerland’s lead analyst George Crump and Condusiv’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Brian Morin discuss how Window’s inefficiency makes the I/O blender worse and how to fix it.

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ChalkTalk Video: Can Windows hurt Flash Performance?

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