Virtual Instruments Extends VirtualWisdom Capabilities with 4.3 Release

Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom 4.3 Briefing Note

Today’s data center is dealing with tight budgets, demands for increased storage efficiency and of course higher application performance and availability. In the past, data centers addressed these competing interests by purchasing hardware designed to support the worst-case peak load. The problem is that a reactive overprovisioning strategy is no longer viable. Today’s IT needs information tools that are vendor and platform agnostic while providing the necessary information and insight that will let them deal with application performance and availability issues in a proactive manner.

The Challenges IT Faces Today

IT faces numerous challenges in providing the level of service demanded by organizations today. Some of those challenges are:

  • Guaranteed performance and availability levels for mission critical applications
  • Characterization of workload placements
  • Acceleration of application testing and release cycles
  • Understanding of infrastructure requirements and the impact for new application releases
  • Improve service level delivery and efficiency
  • Mitigating Risk
  • Silo’ed approach to troubleshooting IT performance and downtime

Overcoming these challenges requires the continuous collection of accurate data simultaneously across heterogeneous systems at the highest granularity level possible in real time.  It also requires the real time correlation of data with the appropriate context in order to provide meaningful, actionable use.

Virtual Instruments Provides a Solution

As we detailed in another article on Virtual Instruments’ product, VirtualWisdom 4.0, is a powerful Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform measurement and analysis tool, which performs the necessary continuous granular data collection across heterogeneous systems through passive probes connected to traffic access points (TAPs) to capture information about the data flowing through the environment.

It is able to contextualize large volumes of data at ingest, then correlate and analyze that data in real time to provide accurate insights into what is occurring across every tier of infrastructure. This in turn provides an end-to-end view of how applications and infrastructure are performing.

This provides IT with the information needed to make informed decisions regarding performance and infrastructure issues. It also enables them to develop a proactive strategy to address potential issues before they become a problem as well as helping IT reduce infrastructure CapEx (Capital Expenditure) and OpEx (Operating Expense) dramatically.

VI Enhances the Capabilities of VirtualWisdom in 4.3 Release

In their newest 4.3 release of VirtualWisdom, VI adds new enhancements that increase the capabilities and reach of this powerful set of analytical tools. Among these enhancements is expanded support for more virtualization platforms. The 4.3 release now includes support for PowerVM on the AIX platform and Hyper-V in addition to VMware.

ProbeVM for PowerVM is an agentless solution that discovers the IBM PowerVM environment and integrates fully with the VirtualWisdom platform to provide LPAR to disk LUN visibility. This provides PowerVM customers with greater insight into the virtualization stack to enable proper placement and balancing of workloads as well as the intelligence needed to size the LPARs properly.

ProbeVM for Hyper-V is similar to ProbeVM for PowerVM. It is also an agentless solution for Hyper-V that gives VirtualWisdom customers VM to LUN viability in the Hyper-V environments. ProbeVM for Hyper-V offers the ability to correlate Hyper-V CPU and disk metrics with system- wide infrastructure metrics in order to improve overall application performance and reliability.

Virtual Instruments in this release also added VM Coordinator for ESX. The tool analyzes current and historical trends from across the cluster, providing recommendations for optimal placement of VMs in terms of both physical hosts and storage.  The new function joins the Virtual Instruments Applied Analytics platform, which includes Balance Finder, Trend Matcher, Event Advisor and Queue Solver.

StorageSwiss Take

As system administrators get stretched further and further, tools like VI’s will have to not only collect and consolidate data they will have to alert administrators to problem areas and provide suggestions for resolutions to those problems. They will also need to point out areas within the infrastructure that are not problems but are running at sub-optimal levels.

Virtual Instruments offers a unique approach to system monitoring which combines active monitoring through hardware probes combined with powerful real time trend analysis tools and a new interface that makes esoteric infrastructure data understandable to a wide audience of users with different skill levels.  This provides them with the means to make informed decisions about all aspects of their infrastructure.

Joseph is a Lead Analyst with DSMCS, Inc. and an IT veteran with over 35 years of experience in the high tech industries. He has held senior technical positions with several major OEMs, VARs, and System Integrators, providing them with technical pre and post- sales support for a wide variety of data protection solutions. He also provided numerous technical analyst articles for Storage Switzerland as well as acting as their chief editor for all technical content up to the time Storage Switzerland closed upon their acquisition by StorONE. In the past, he also designed, implemented and supported backup, recovery and encryption solutions in addition to providing Disaster Recovery planning, testing and data loss risk assessments in distributed computing environments on UNIX and Windows platforms for various OEM's, VARs and System Integrators.

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