Webinar: Making Your Way Through The Storage Virtualization Maze

Shared storage has new life thanks to virtualization. Features like virtual machine migration essentially requires a shared storage array to work. Shared storage, however, also brings a fair amount of complexity and the dreaded I/O blender. Suddenly storage arrays are pushed to their limits thanks to the random I/O from a dozen virtual machines per host, all accessing the same storage array.

Storage vendors keep responding with an overwhelming number of solutions, most of which leverage the other new trend in the data center: flash storage. Now, IT professionals have to sort through a wide variety of deployment options including server side caching, server side SAN, hybrid arrays and all-flash arrays. Then they have to decide between vendor provided solutions or software defined solutions.

In our on demand webinar, “The Storage For Virtualization Maze: Finding the Right Path“, Storage Switzerland’s Founder George Crump and Senior Analyst Curtis Preston, discuss the latest trends in storage for virtualized environments and provide insight for IT professionals on how to select the right storage solution for your virtual environment.

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