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Why is a New Generation of HCI Needed for the Hybrid Cloud?

For the vast majority of enterprises, the question is not whether to go all-in on the public cloud, or to keep all workloads on-premises. Using both in a hybrid cloud architecture is required to meet applications’ wide-ranging cost, control and

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The Requirements of a Modern Data Protection Architecture

Previously, Storage Switzerland wrote about the challenges of trying to meet modern data protection requirements with legacy technologies, including the inability to scale-out and limited cloud integration. We also discussed the pros and cons of new backup appliances and converged

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Why Current Data Protection Architectures Miss the Mark

In response to the increased need for rapid recovery, longer data retention and the desire to support the cloud for vaulting and disaster recovery, alternative solutions are appearing on the market to try and correct the shortcomings of legacy architectures.

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Is Your Data Protection Architecture Holding You Back?

In most organizations the data protection architecture has gone unchanged for almost a decade. It’s true that certain components within the architecture change because of technological advances or forced refreshes but the basic design remains the same. The challenge with

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Hyperconvergence – Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out

One of the attractions of a hyperconverged architecture is when the organization needs more compute or storage resources, it simply adds another node. But hyperconverged vendors seldom talk about the downsides to this approach. There may be times when it

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