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Overcoming All-Flash Array Post Implementation Problems

Storage Switzerland suggested a few years ago that IT professionals look for ways to get as much as 10 years out of their flash arrays. The problem was, as we cited at that time, most storage hardware manufacturers counted on

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Flash + Object – The Emergence of a Two Tier Enterprise

For as long as there has been data there has been a quest to consolidate that data onto a single, consolidated storage system, but that quest seems to never be satisfied. The problem is that there are essentially two types

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Briefing Note: VI’s VirtualWisdom4 shows you how to Manage your Open Systems Performance

Virtual Instruments provides active system monitoring and management solutions that generate a significant amount of data to improve SAN efficiency and performance. But users need more than an abundance of information to effectively manage their environments. In fact, this profusion

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StorageSwiss Top Articles of 2014

2014 was a big year at Thanks to our readers we saw record traffic to the site. As we close out each year, it’s interesting to review the top-read articles. In 2014’s list you’ll see two common themes, flash

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Flash Performance vs Flash Features

Recently, Robin Harris over at Storage Mojo made a statement that caused a stir with both users and the industry. My summation of his column and subsequent defense of that column, is that he believes that the performance of a

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Flash Arrays need high performance compression

Startups like Nimble, Pure Storage, SolidFire and Tegile are starting to take business away from the traditional tier 1 storage vendors. Their key differentiator, and often the winning point, has been their ability to efficiently use flash storage. Making flash

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The 10 Year All-Flash Array – Will Your All-Flash Array Wear Out?

An All-Flash Array is a performance sledgehammer. It shatters the performance problems that most data centers face and will likely continue to do so for years. Unlike traditional hard disk systems, most data centers that purchase an All-Flash Array won’t

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Do You Know The Truth About Your All-Flash Deduplication?

All-Flash Arrays are a performance sledgehammer, obliterating most performance problems and eliminating a great deal of storage management complexity. But, this sledgehammer is expensive and because of this All-Flash vendors are attempting to deliver a variety of solutions to drive

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