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Designing Storage for Multi-Million IOPS Performance – Apeiron Briefing Note

There is no doubt specific applications have an ever growing need for more IOPS, millions in fact, and the number of organizations implementing these applications is on the rise. The traditional bottlenecks to achieving millions of IOPS are gone. Networks,

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What Ever Happened to the Software Defined Data Center?

About a decade ago, VMware introduced the vision of a software-defined data center (SDDC). Unlike data centers of yesteryear, a software-defined data center was supposed to leverage intelligent software and commodity hardware to create a flexible data center that could

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Navigating the Performance Marketing Hype for True Flash Value

For years, the storage industry has hailed the advent of the all-flash data center. With growing pressure from lines of business to obtain more sophisticated and real-time analytics for competitive advantage, with declining price points and increasing density of solid-state

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Will the Operating System Kill SDS? – LINBIT Briefing Note

Software defined storage (SDS) continues to struggle for relevance in a crowded storage marketplace. While a few products are gaining a following, many more have either failed or been sold to other vendors. Additionally, now operating systems also pose a

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Will There Be Another Great Storage System Company?

For a new storage company to stand above the rest it has to, within its category, provide better performance, better cost or simplify management. Over the past two and a half decades we’ve seen many companies deliver these requirements. Is

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Not Every All-Flash Array is the Same – AccelStor Briefing Note

All-Flash arrays are more than just the go-to option for data centers looking to solve performance problems. For many organizations they are becoming the mainstream primary storage system. But not every all-flash array is the same, and their differences impact

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Overcoming All-Flash Array Post Implementation Problems

Storage Switzerland suggested a few years ago that IT professionals look for ways to get as much as 10 years out of their flash arrays. The problem was, as we cited at that time, most storage hardware manufacturers counted on

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Filling the Linux Data Reduction Gap – Permabit Briefing Note

Most data centers consider data reduction a “must have” feature for storage. The data reduction software should be able to deliver its capabilities without compromising performance. While many storage systems and a few operating systems now include data reduction as

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The ROI of the Thin Provisioned Filer

The cheapest filer is the one you don’t have to buy. A thin provisioned filer can do a lot more than a standard filer if you implement the concept properly. The investment in technology and processes that allow for a

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Performance Issues with a Full NetApp Filer

A full filer is not going to perform as well as one that has a little space to do its work. That’s why we’ve been talking about the concept of a “thin provisioned” filer, or a filer that has been

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