Video – What Type of Caching is Best?

We examine that question in this video. Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump talks to SanDisk Engineering Fellow Serge Shats about the different types of caching, the potential risks involved and how to reduce those risks. For more information see our related article “Three Write Caching Considerations

What we discuss:  Server-side flash caching is a great way to improve application performance but which type of caching is the best? The answer depends on the workload and the importance of data protection. Read caching is the least risky and may provide all the performance needed, but may not be enough for some write-heavy workloads. If write caching is considered, care must be taken to ensure data is protected during the caching process. Techniques such as write-around caching and data redundancy can help address these concerns.

SanDisk is a client of Storage Switzerland

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