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Today’s Data must be Mobile

Data mobility was once the stuff of dreams – but no more. The days of data a user creates, manages, and eventually deletes living all in one place are no more. Data management applications that acknowledge this are the new

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The Time Cost of a Storage Refresh

For most data centers, periodic storage refreshes are a way of life. Many times, the storage vendor causes the refresh by pricing out-year maintenance renewals to the point that it is more cost effective to buy a new system than

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What are VVols?

With vSphere 6, VMware is set to address one of the biggest storage management problems facing the virtualized environment, associating virtual machines (VMs) with the storage they are using. VVOLs provide that visibility and allow storage and server administration to

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Dell – Delivering Flash the way customers want

Flash consumption by the enterprise data center is typically done as a response to a specific performance problem. The flash purchase that often results are typically either an all-new flash array or it is added to an existing array. The

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DDN goes the last mile in commercial HPC

Where once the purview of research labs and high-transaction applications, high performance computing (HPC) is now making its way into mainstream IT. Enterprises are finding out the value of analytics for keeping abreast of their customers and ahead of the

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Good Migrations – Moving Data from SAN to SAN

Either as part of a normal storage refresh cycle or when consolidating storage assets after a merger, almost every data center will eventually need to migrate data from one storage system to another. The problem is that data migrations are

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