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Addressing the All-Flash Wall – Nexgen Announces All-Flash Array with Tiering and QoS

The first wave of all-flash arrays was typically purchased to address a specific performance problem like a poor performing database application or to allow a VDI project to live up to user expectations. Most all-flash arrays successfully addressed, and in

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MeetTheCEO Podcast with John Spiers CEO of NexGen Storage

In this week’s MeetTheCEO podcast George Crump and I sit down with John Spiers, CEO of NexGen Storage. We’ll talk about a fundamental problem facing storage systems. At any given time, only five percent of global data is considered relevant. Yet

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Why Storage vMotion hurts and how to stop the pain

VMware’s Storage vMotion is an invaluable tool to enable the migration of a virtual machine’s (VMs) datastore to another storage system. It is similar in concept to how regular vMotion migrates a VM to another host in a VMware cluster.

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What are VVols?

With vSphere 6, VMware is set to address one of the biggest storage management problems facing the virtualized environment, associating virtual machines (VMs) with the storage they are using. VVOLs provide that visibility and allow storage and server administration to

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Briefing Note: NexGen Focuses on Business Value of Data – and a Smarter Cache

Recent research by IDC predicts that IT professionals will be managing 4-5 times more data per person by 2020, but only 5% of that data will be important. So while a lot of data is being created, it’s not all

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Fusion-io adds VDI Software and Hybrid Storage Solution

Companies are putting flash into application servers to accelerate performance hungry use cases like web scale and big social media environments. Now, users in the more traditional enterprise space are looking to server-side flash as well, to address their performance

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Integrating PCIe SSD Into The Storage System

The NexGen storage system is designed from the ground up to take advantage of solid state storage and is the first system that we know of that integrates storage tiering from the first release. It is also the first storage

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