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Persistent or Non-Persistent VDI?

The fundamental objective when implementing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is to ensure that the end user experience is at a minimum, equivalent to the same experience as a physical desktop. Poor performance and the lack of desktop customization is a

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Overcoming the Storage Challenges of Non-Persistent Desktops

For many organizations the benefits of virtualizing user desktop systems is hard to ignore – improved data protection, enhanced data security and the opportunity to drive improved resource and operational efficiencies. The challenge is unless the virtual desktop experience is

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Breaking Away From The Hybrid Storage Pack

Nimble Leverages Cisco UCS Partnership To Differentiate Itself Nimble was one of the first hybrid storage appliances on the market (hard disk capacity and SSDs in the same purpose built chassis) and they’ve shown impressive growth since their inception. Currently

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Fusion-io adds VDI Software and Hybrid Storage Solution

Companies are putting flash into application servers to accelerate performance hungry use cases like web scale and big social media environments. Now, users in the more traditional enterprise space are looking to server-side flash as well, to address their performance

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Making Storage the VDI Solution, Not the Problem

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has found a niche in call-center types of environments where very large numbers of workers run essentially the same desktops. But in the broader market VDI hasn’t seen the same success, a fact typically blamed on

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Solving the VDI Storage Contradiction

While 2013 may not be the “year” of desktop virtualization, it is certainly a year where interest is increasing rapidly and real-world production deployments are beginning to occur. A key part of the success of a VDI project is the

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