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HGST upgrades Flash Acceleration hardware and software products

HGST, a division of longtime disk drive manufacturer Western Digital, announced updates for two products in the application acceleration market. FlashMAX III is the latest generation of half-height, half-length PCIe accelerator cards designed for high performance enterprise and hyper-scale environments.

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HGST an SSD Powerhouse? Buys Virident for $685 Million

HGST, a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Digital, announced that it will acquire Virident, a company rapidly becoming a resurgent force in the PCIe SSD marketplace. In addition to flash storage hardware Virident was hitting full stride with a line

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Making Storage the VDI Solution, Not the Problem

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has found a niche in call-center types of environments where very large numbers of workers run essentially the same desktops. But in the broader market VDI hasn’t seen the same success, a fact typically blamed on

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Easy, Effective and Efficient Server SSD Caching

SSDs (solid state devices) are becoming more mainstream and now ‘placement’ technologies like caching are getting increased attention as users strive to get the most out of their solid state investments. Caching primary disk storage with NAND flash can improve

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