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Spectra Logic nTier Verde – simple, affordable Enterprise file storage

Primary storage is being overwhelmed by data growth, much of it unstructured digital content. These are large files that don’t change but must still remain online, often for extended periods of time. Tier-1 storage systems are too expensive, especially over

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Video – How to Stop Performance Sprawl

In our recent webinar, How to Stop Hardware Sprawl, we found that users are having a lot of problems handling performance. And performance is generating much of the hardware sprawl problem. Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump addresses Performance Sprawl

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HGST an SSD Powerhouse? Buys Virident for $685 Million

HGST, a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Digital, announced that it will acquire Virident, a company rapidly becoming a resurgent force in the PCIe SSD marketplace. In addition to flash storage hardware Virident was hitting full stride with a line

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Tier-1 Storage vs. Tier-2 Storage

It used to be that mid-range data centers could buy a storage system designed for that market and never worry about growing beyond that system’s capacity and performance capabilities. Now however, thanks to server virtualization, “big data” and cloud initiatives,

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