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HGST announces 10TB HDD, ‘Flash Fabric’, NVMe SSDs, Archive Platform

At HGST’s Analyst’s Day in San Francisco this week the company announced several new storage products including a 10 TB drive that uses Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology in conjunction with the company’s Helium (He) technology platform, plus an 8TB

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Are PCIe SSDs Breaking Your Storage Network? – and how to stop it

olid state drive (SSD) solutions using flash are becoming the ‘go to’ options for addressing storage performance bottlenecks. And within that technology category, PCIe based SSDs could represent the state of the art. By locating the flash in the server

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HGST an SSD Powerhouse? Buys Virident for $685 Million

HGST, a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Digital, announced that it will acquire Virident, a company rapidly becoming a resurgent force in the PCIe SSD marketplace. In addition to flash storage hardware Virident was hitting full stride with a line

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Bringing Flash Performance to Mainstream IT Environments

Virident’s FlashMax II PCIe solution has some of the best performance available in the industry and the company is enjoying big wins in what’s often called the “hyper-scale” market. These are large service providers, social media and web-based giants that

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SSD’s Role In The Storage Ecosystem

In a few weeks I will be hosting a panel discussion at the ExecEvent in Palo Alto, CA on SSD’s Role in the storage ecosystem. The role of SSD depends on the use case. In performance demanding environments and large

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