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An Alternative Path to Storage Modernization – Coraid Briefing Note

Disruption is the hallmark of today’s storage industry. The steady maturation of new delivery models (cloud services), media (flash) and access protocols (NVMe) evidence the fact that legacy storage architectures are no longer sufficient. Businesses are turning to ever-growing data

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Never Obsolete Without the Green

Recently, storage vendors started to promote a concept of evergreen storage. Essentially, the vendor will swap out the customer’s storage hardware with the latest, more capable hardware at some point in the maintenance contract. The problem is this swap-out is

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Coraid – A Storage Company Without an Exit Strategy

For most storage startups, it is all about the “exit strategy” – also known as the liquidity event. That is the moment where years and sometimes decades of non-profitability is made up for by either being bought or going public.

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Analyst Opinion: Analyzing the Gartner’s Visionary Quadrant

Gartner recently released its view of the storage industry, ranking vendors on ability to execute and completeness of vision and displaying the results on a graph they call the Magic Quadrant. In my last column I described the components of

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SSD’s Role In The Storage Ecosystem

In a few weeks I will be hosting a panel discussion at the ExecEvent in Palo Alto, CA on SSD’s Role in the storage ecosystem. The role of SSD depends on the use case. In performance demanding environments and large

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