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3 Reasons Why Networking Breaks HCI Scalability

One of the most appealing aspects of hyperconverged Infrastructures is their ability to scale. When IT needs more compute or storage resources to keep up with their rapidly growing enterprise, they are told to “just add a node”. There is

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Coraid – A Storage Company Without an Exit Strategy

For most storage startups, it is all about the “exit strategy” – also known as the liquidity event. That is the moment where years and sometimes decades of non-profitability is made up for by either being bought or going public.

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Briefing Note: SolidFire shows why more and less is better for Software Releases

Nitrogen is SolidFire’s seventh generation OS release, following their theme of naming operating system versions after elements, Oxygen being the next. With 100+ elements on the period table, they should be set for the next several years of releases. While

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