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Video – How to Stop Performance Sprawl

In our recent webinar, How to Stop Hardware Sprawl, we found that users are having a lot of problems handling performance. And performance is generating much of the hardware sprawl problem. Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump addresses Performance Sprawl

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Podcast – How Will You Stop Storage Hardware Sprawl

In this podcast we discuss Storage Hardware Sprawl. Storage in the data center has evolved from islands of server attached storage to shared networked storage. But in both cases storage needed to be specifically designed for the workload it was on.

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The New Normal: Software-Defined WAN Acceleration for a Cloud-Centric World

Wide area network (WAN) acceleration technology has been successfully used by many organizations for over a decade to accelerate data traffic between data centers and branch offices. Typically deployed as an appliance, WAN accelerators help to ensure the timely transmission

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