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VDI will eat your Storage System – and what to do about it

As we’ve mentioned in previous columns, in order for a VDI project to have any chance of success it has to deliver at least the same computing experience users had prior to their desktop being virtualized. That makes sense, but

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Atlantis and IBM help solve VDI Catch 22

Successful VDI deployments must satisfy three groups within the enterprise: 1) users, who want the same experience they had with their desktop PCs; 2) IT managers, who want to simplify operations and reduce risk; and 3) the CFO, who wants

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Three Ways To Improve Software Defined Storage

Hyper-converged Storage may be the purest form of the software defined storage (SDS) concept, as it runs storage services as a virtual machine within the customer infrastructure. This new take on storage architectures collapses the traditional compute, storage and networking

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Solving the VDI Storage Contradiction

While 2013 may not be the “year” of desktop virtualization, it is certainly a year where interest is increasing rapidly and real-world production deployments are beginning to occur. A key part of the success of a VDI project is the

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