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VMware Feeling the HCI Pinch

Read between the lines of VMware’s latest VSAN announcement and you can learn a few things. The first thing I see is that VMware is definitely feeling the pinch — or at the very least worried they will feel the

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Breaking Away From The Hybrid Storage Pack

Nimble Leverages Cisco UCS Partnership To Differentiate Itself Nimble was one of the first hybrid storage appliances on the market (hard disk capacity and SSDs in the same purpose built chassis) and they’ve shown impressive growth since their inception. Currently

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SNIA Addressing Needs for Solid State Storage Education

At Storage Networking World (SNW) this year in Long Beach, CA, Storage Switzerland caught up with Storage Networking Industry Assn (SNIA) officers Wayne Adams and Molly Rector, to talk about what the organization has been doing recently and where things

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