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How to meet the expectations of a VDI Project

VDI can be one of the toughest projects an IT organization has to implement, due in a large part to the expectations of the groups involved. Replacing PCs with virtual desktops creates expectations with users that have to get their

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Storage Performance, the VDI challenge

When IT planners are asked to list their top challenges with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) they often come up with a variety of answers, like gaining user acceptance, delivering an experience similar to that of a stand-alone desktop or driving

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Webinar – How to Overcome the Four Obstacles to VDI Love

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) promises ‘IT utopia’ by eliminating one of the biggest operational costs in the enterprise, supporting end-user desktops. But to reach this nirvana two major requirements need to be met. First, the cost per virtual desktop has

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Is Atlantis USX the future of Software Defined Storage?

Software Defined Storage (SDS) has certainly caught the attention of IT planners looking to reduce the cost of storage by liberating them from traditional storage hardware lock-in. As SDS evolves the promise of lower storage CAPEX, increased deployment and architecture

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Chalk Talk Video – How To Improve Software Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage is an emerging category of solutions that’s designed to decrease the cost of delivering performance and capacity. It does this by abstracting storage software services from the physical hardware. This allows a variety of storage hardware to be selected

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The Evolution Of Software Defined Storage

Most legacy storage systems consist of a storage device that has three basic parts: the shelves that hold the storage, the CPUs that provide the array with storage services and the network interfaces that allow the storage system to be

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Three Ways To Improve Software Defined Storage

Hyper-converged Storage may be the purest form of the software defined storage (SDS) concept, as it runs storage services as a virtual machine within the customer infrastructure. This new take on storage architectures collapses the traditional compute, storage and networking

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Atlantis Raises the Software-defined Storage Bar

As Storage Switzerland covered in a recent briefing note “Solving the VDI Storage Contradiction“ Atlantis ILIO is a software solution that addresses the often conflicting requirements facing many companies with their VDI deployments: providing adequate performance for virtual desktops and

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Solving the VDI Storage Contradiction

While 2013 may not be the “year” of desktop virtualization, it is certainly a year where interest is increasing rapidly and real-world production deployments are beginning to occur. A key part of the success of a VDI project is the

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