How to get MacBook Air VDI Performance at a Chromebook price

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) presents some real challenges for companies looking to replace their inventories of desktop PCs. It has to provide a desktop experience that’s acceptable to users and an infrastructure that costs the same or less than the PCs it’s replacing. As we discuss in the ChalkTalk video below, in order to accomplish this, VDI systems must address the 3Ps: Persistence, Performance and Price.

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The three P’s interact with each other. Persistence can increase storage capacity expenditures so increasing storage efficiency with processes like thin provisioning, clones, deduplication and compression are required. But these functions create extra storage I/O and can hurt performance. Increasing virtual machine density per host and per storage system can lower the price of each desktop but also increase storage I/O requirements for the storage system and the storage network.

Atlantis ILIO is a solution that enables companies to address the three P’s, simultaneously. It helps optimize storage resources, improve performance and decrease overall cost.

As a filter driver that runs in the hypervisor Atlantis ILIO optimizes traffic to from the storage system, leveraging de-duplication, advanced compression and write coalescing technologies. According to Atlantis, this process can reduce actual data writes to storage by up to 90%.

Some companies will put flash into the storage stack to help the performance problem. While flash will typically help, it doesn’t reduce the I/O traffic to the storage systems. Atlantis, with its data reduction and write coalescing technology can improve effective capacity of the flash dramatically, while it improves flash endurance.

As we discuss in the video, Atlantis recently ran a VDI test using an IBM FlashSystem 840 all-flash array. The test involved creating a Login VSI environment of 5000 desktops running on 35 VDI hosts. The Atlantis-IBM solution provided performance that was faster than a physical desktop PC or SSD-equipped laptop, but still cost less, while leveraging the reliability and enterprise functionality of an IBM storage system. At $164 per desktop, based on storage costs, it was “MacBook Air performance at a ChromeBook price”.

All viewers of the webinar will receive a copy of Storage Switzerland’s white paper “The Three Ps to a Successful VDI Deployment – Persistence, Price, Performance”.

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