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Managing Snapshots as part of the Data Protection Process

In our recent webinar, “Three Steps to Backup and Recovery Success”, we discussed service level objectives (SLOs) and how to reduce recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). Snapshots can play a key role in meeting tight RPOs

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Backup Service Level Agreements vs. Service Level Objectives

Backup vendors and integrators have long tried to get organizations to set and maintain service level agreements (SLA) for various processes in their data centers including data protection. Creating SLAs for any process is a painstaking process, for data protection

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Storage Short: The problem with Mutual Mystification and Backups

While many webinars focus on a specific technology, few focus on the process. If the data protection process is broken, a new backup or replication app will at best just be a band-aid that is destined to break the next

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Webinar Preview: Picking the right SSD for the job – Podcast

Micron’s Doug Rollins and Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Eric Slack talk about SSD and how to pick the right SSD for a specific job in your data center. This is a preview of a webinar coming up on May 14

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Meet Storage Swiss Senior Analyst Eric Slack – Podcast

In today’s Podcast, we talk to Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Eric Slack on his background and expertise in the storage industry. You can easily subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes.

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