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Managing Snapshots as part of the Data Protection Process

In our recent webinar, “Three Steps to Backup and Recovery Success”, we discussed service level objectives (SLOs) and how to reduce recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). Snapshots can play a key role in meeting tight RPOs

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Analyst Opinion: Two Backup Trends for 2015

Users are demanding more their backup applications than ever before. Faster backups, longer retention and rapid recovery are now an expectation instead of a request. 2015 promises more of the same demands but worse, even faster backups, maybe continuous backup,

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Backup 2.0 – How Primary Storage, Backup Software and Backup Hardware are solving data protection challenges

Data protection is more than just backup and backup is more that just moving data from point A to point B. Data centers need to design a layered data protection strategy that allows them to meet a wide variety of

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Backup Service Level Agreements vs. Service Level Objectives

Backup vendors and integrators have long tried to get organizations to set and maintain service level agreements (SLA) for various processes in their data centers including data protection. Creating SLAs for any process is a painstaking process, for data protection

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Storage Short: The problem with Mutual Mystification and Backups

While many webinars focus on a specific technology, few focus on the process. If the data protection process is broken, a new backup or replication app will at best just be a band-aid that is destined to break the next

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CA Tackles The Backup Beast With arcserve UDP

Arcserve is the elder statesman of network based backups and has been used for decades to protect a variety of operating systems and storage systems. To call this latest release an “upgrade” is almost a disservice. Arcserve UDP (unified data

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Fixing The Performance Weakness of MSP BaaS

Recently Storage Switzerland and Intronis held a webinar to discuss the most important aspects of rolling out a backup as a service (BaaS) cloud based backup solution. As an interactive webinar, we polled the audience at the outset of the

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Cloud Defined Storage

Designing a SAN for the Cloud Service Provider Cloud Service Providers exist in unique market conditions. They are at the same time competitors to and complements to traditional data center IT. Every service they provide is under scrutiny, and those

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How Legacy Storage Breaks The Cloud

As business data continues its relentless migration to the cloud, providers of cloud hosted environments and applications are creating the perfect storm for their legacy storage systems, a storm that will break the ‘cloud promise’. These environments require high scalability,

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