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The GDPR Effect – Why US Businesses Need to Pay Attention

Toward the end of May, companies worldwide sent out emails informing customers of updates to their data privacy policies. These emails were in response to something called GDPR, which stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. It is a European

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What to look for in flash accelerated software – Podcast

Are solutions that cluster server-side Flash and RAM a good thing for businesses that want to accelerate all storage IO workloads (read & write) while improving performance reliability? We’ll talk about that with Pernix Data. Read Colm’s Article, Choosing the Right Flash

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IT Professionals Need A Vendor Neutral Storage Conference

SNIA's DSI, April 22 to 24

Over the past few years, the large storage vendors like EMC, HP and Oracle have been successful in creating their own well attended events. While these events are valuable, the storage industry and storage IT professionals still need a vendor

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